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Floor Standing Projection Screens

Portability and durability are the key drivers for all of Da-Lite tripod and floor standing screens. Adapt to your surroundings quickly and easily.

Floor Standing Projection Screens Tripod and floor standing portable screens are necessary for a lot of educational and business applications. They enable the user to quickly set-up, present and pull-down the screen equipment without the need for tools or other cumbersome and sometimes easily lost or miss placed equipment.

Da-Lite carry a wide range of screen applications including tripod stand projection screens, floor screens and click-frame screens available in a wide variety of screen materials.

"Tool-less setup makes the Da-Lite range of Tripod Floor Projection Screens a great option for presentations on the go"

Floor Standing Projection Screens

The Tripod & Floor Screen range comes various sizes and screen finishes to suit any application.

Tripod & Floor Projector Screens Tripod & Floor Projector Screens Tripod & Floor Projector Screens Tripod & Floor Projector Screens

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